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Training and Mentoring Essay

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Training Plan
Levuris J Smith
November 27, 2013
Samuel Hall

Continual training and development of employees from low-level to high-level is an integral part of an organization reaching for and achieving its goals.   In order for an organization to be successful, collaboration between individuals and departments is imperative.   Organizations may have their standard training and development programs to assist employees in reaching their ultimate level of performance; however monitoring of performance is necessary to ensure individual and organizational goals are met. In advance of producing your training program, it is vital for you as the coach to do your homework and study your business’s situation methodically. By collecting data in some key areas, you well prepare yourself to generate a important and custom-made training plan for your establishment. Determining what preparation is needed, who needs to be educated, the best way to train mature learners, who your viewers is, and then draw up a detailed plan for training program.
No organization trains for the fun of it; hence that every training is aimed at addressing a particular problem that is hampering service delivery in the organization. Training is defined as a planned program designed to improve performance It is important to do some homework or proper planning before engaging in the training program. Training should be undertaken to satisfy a specific needs and should never be provided because it is believed trendy or because other companies are provided that training. “Training needs analysis can be defined as a procedure of recognizing an issue or concern, gathering, examining and understanding data, and using information obtained to select or design an appropriate HRD intervention to address the issue or problem” (Rothwell, & Kazanas, 1990. Focus should be retained on needs as different to requests. The general purpose of training analysis in the field of...

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