Training and Development Method of Nestle Ltd. Bd. Essay

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| | May 3, 2012ToM.A. WahabProfessorSchool of Business Studies,Southeast University.Sub: Submission of the Assignment in AuditingDear Sir,This assignment was assigned to me for the purpose of finding the training and development methods given by organization to employees for their betterment properly. This report concentrates on an organization of the Bangladesh Perspectives. I tried to gather a collection of information to make our report specific. Through, the procedure of preparing the report we developed a clear understanding of total scenario of the training and development method.I tried our level best to make this report as reflective as possible. I appreciate to provide any information or classification if necessary.This assignment was a great learning experience in present organizational environment. Each aspect is considered and studied as required and as per direction of our course instructor.I would like to thank for assigning us such a responsibility and helping us on different aspects of the assignment.Yours Sincerely,Rezwan KhanID-2008110000230 AcknowledgementThe submission of this report is a great opportunity for me. The success of this assignment depends on the contributions of number of people especially who have shared their thoughtful guidance’s and suggestions to improve this report.This assignment has created a great deal of interest in me. I must thank a few people who help and encouraged me to grow our interest.First of all I would like to thank our honorable course instructor for his proper guidance and care. Without his guidance and suggestions we couldn’t have completed this assignment properly. He has instructed me how to prepare a report correctly.I obviously would like to give a special thanks to the Almighty for giving us such patience and power for completing this

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