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HRM 343 Personnel Administration Training Mini-Cases Safety Training (Raymond Noe, Michigan State University) Last summer, Capistrano County experienced a rash of injuries to its employees. Although most of the injuries were minor, the company fen that it was imperative to conduct a series of short training programs on safe material-handling techniques. Bill Noe, road department supervisor, who had recently attended a safety training session sponsored by the Red Cross, conducted the training. The training was completed on a department-by-department basis with small groups of 10 to 15 employees attending each session. At the first of these training sessions, Bill stood up in front of 15 employees and read his presentation in a monotone voice: The entire speech lasted about two minutes. It consisted of the following text: Statistics show that an average of 30 persons injure their backs on the job each day in this state. None of us wants to become a "statistic. " The first thing that should be done before lifting an object is to look it over and decide whether you can handle it alone or if help is needed. Get help if there's any doubt as to whether the load is safely within your capacity. Next, look over the area where you're going to be carrying the object. Make sure it is clear of obstacles. You may have to do a little housekeeping before moving your load. After you have checked out the load and route you're going to travel, the following steps should be taken for your safety in lifting: 1. Get a good footing close to the load. 2. Place your feet 8 to 12 inches apart. 3. Bend your knees to grasp the load. 4. Bend your knees outward, straddling the load. 5. Get a firm grip. 6. Keep the load close to your body.

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