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development Training & Developing Employees Human Resources Dr.Abu Tayeh 1/3/2012 2009402029 Razan Wael Abdullah About Aim: Aim provides a full Direct marketing services, works as a third party marketing firm; direct marketing is an activity that can bring commercial benefits to many organizations. It was established in Saudi Arabia, and the main aim for Aim is offering unique ideas and professional approach in different industries supporting companies to grow their market share up to the extend. Aim provides several services, such as; field marketing which is consisted of road-shows, wet and dry sampling, promotions, door-to-door activities, and leaflets distributions, merchandising, mystery shopping, stand design and production, E-marketing, direct selling and distribution management, POSM placement, product demonstration, and product placement. Introduction about Training and Developing employees: Training is the process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs, it also reduces an employer's exposure to negligent training liability, training fosters employee learning, which results in enhanced organizational performance. At the organizational level, a successful Human Resources Development program prepares the individual to undertake a higher level of work, "organized learning over a given period of time, to provide the possibility of performance change" (Nadler 1984). In these settings, Human Resources Development is the framework that focuses on the organization's competencies at the first stage, training, and then developing the employee, through education, to satisfy the organization's long-term needs and the individual's career goals and employee value to their present and future employers. Human Resources Development can be defined simply as developing the most important section of any business, its

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