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Traing Program Essay

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Developing a Training Plan
Suzanne Hawthorne
University of Phoenix
July 26, 2009
Claude Toland
Developing a Training Plan
Development and actualization of a well designed training plan is the foundation upon which a conclusive training program is based on. Team Interaction, Communication, Collaboration and conflict management are the cornerstone of the challenges and benefits in implementing a solid training program.
Team Interaction
The development of a training plan will increasingly require team interaction which utilizes the diverse skills and knowledge of the team. A team is a group of individuals who meet to perform some specific task. Teams learn together, share understanding of their work together (Kurtzberg and Amabile, 2001; Kurtzberg, 2005). Team D’s interaction and perception gathered was that training plan benefits and challenges met these criteria:
Benefits of Team Interaction
  Problem Solving
      Increased Quality
      Increased communication
    Challenges of Team Interaction
  Lack of a clearly stated, shared and measurable purpose.
      Lack of training in interdisciplinary collaboration.
      Role and leadership ambiguity.
      Team too large or too small.
      Team not composed of appropriate professionals.
      Lack of appropriate mechanisms for timely exchange of information
    According to Robbins and Judge, groups generate more complete information and knowledge based on the interaction of different views, the alternative methods to gather those diverse views, and a conscience of the group to accept the solution.
Team communication skills according to Smith and Lindsay is the result of an acceptable vision which in turn helps promote team interaction that is supportive, creative and diverse in it thinking model. Communication translates the vision and enables it to take effect (Smith and Lindsay). However, in order to understand the vision/plan one must...

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