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Information about training courses There are many different training courses that can be undertaken to further your career progression as a health care assistant (HCA). 1. Full or part-time higher education courses such as: • access courses for individuals who want to gain a higher qualification, but do not have the necessary entry qualifications to get into higher education • the Return to Learn course organised by Unison and the Open University (OU) for those who would like to study in their own time • NVQs, which are work-related, competence-based qualifications. 2. Other OU qualifications include: • OU Diploma for Health Care Assistants in Primary Care Practice, Level 3 • OU Foundation Degree for Assistant Practitioners • course K100 – Understanding Health and Social Care. 3. Independent training providers include: • the Primary Care Training Centre (PCTC), which is a nationally independent training provider. (For further information visit: Full or part-time higher education courses Access courses Access courses are aimed at adults (minimum age is 19 years old) who want to study but do not have the necessary qualifications to get into higher education. They are are an ideal way to get back into the study habit because these courses introduce you to the subject and how to learn at this level. Access courses are usually run at local colleges and normally take up to a year to complete. However, the courses are flexible so some people take their time and study over 2 years. You may need to apply directly to your local college for part-time courses. It is important to note that you sometimes need to apply up to a year in advance. For more information on applying to undertake access courses, visit:
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