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Fidel Nieves December 1, 2014 Key movements HUM 312 Trail of tears When people reflect about the first natives in America, they think of Christopher Columbus or the European colonists; when, in fact, the first people were the Indians. The Cherokee Indians had lived in the lands of what is now the United States for thousands of years before any colonists had ventured over. Little did they know that the new nation that was going to be forming around them, would severely affect the lives of their descendents. Life before the Trail of Tears but after the arrival of the new Americans was more or less simple for the Cherokees. They would spend time hunting and fishing. Some of them even worked on plantations and even own their own slaves, in an effort to lodge to some of the American ways of living. The main dissimilarity between the Americans and the Indians was that the Indians believed that no one should actually own any of the land. The land was only there for them to use, as they needed. This disagreement created some serious issues down the road. “The Trail of Tears” was a dreadful occasion in American history because of our government’s brutal behavior of the Cherokee Nation. To the Cherokee Nation, the voyage west, called by them “The Trail Where We Cried,” was a sour capsule forced upon them by a state and federal government that cared slightly for their culture or society, and even less about justice. To the white settlers, it meant increasing horizons, hope, dreams of riches, and a new life. It was certainly a horrible and tragic event of both our Georgia history and our American inheritance that forced the Cherokee west along this route now known as "The Trail of Tears." The Trail of Tears is the composed routes in which Native Americans were powerfully removed from their long-established homes east of the Mississippi River to the newly recognized

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