Trail Of Tears Essay

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In the year 1830 an unfair and cruel act made more than six hundred wagons loaded with Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Creek, and Chickasaw Indians that were displaced into the west in the cold October rain. They were forced to leave their homes and everything they held dear and were accustomed to their entire lives. The removal of Native Americans from their lands by the Indian Removal Act of 1830 was unfair and a violation to Natives, due to the fact that it did not respect their political right, desecrated their legal right, and did not take into consideration their human rights. Taking away freedom and land without consent from Native Americans was a violation of their political rights. Native Americans had little freedom, if anything they were captives. The Indian Removal Act of 1830 ordered soldiers to forcefully remove Native Americans they were driven into camps.( McDougal Littell,229).They had no say to change this. They protested and went to courts, but they had no power in U.S. government and their personal votes did not count. (McDougal Littell, 228) .The courts ruled against them although Chief Justice John Marshall declared, "...that an Indian tribe or nation within the United States is not a foreign state in the sense of the constitution...” (Hart, Amos W, 327).This facts imply that even though the Native Americans were considered a part of the United States no democracy existed for them, their citizen right to be heard wasn’t acknowledged. Their reasoning and advocated desires were ignored that is a violation of political rights therefore they had no say taking away all legal rights. Stealing lands from Native Americans and being dishonest with treaties was a violation of their legal rights. The Native Americans had been living on that land for year’s way before the U.S. even existed. “Ever since the whites came we have been made to drink of the

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