Trail By Fire

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McKenna Hastings ASB 102 Trial by Fire In the article, “Trial by Fire,” by J. Malcolm Garcia argues that because of their culture, Afghan women have been put into a state of mind that they are inferior to men in every way; although there are a few women who will fight for their rights of humanity, even though they may receive violent death threats. Garcia provides the following evidence to support their position: provided in the article was the story of three women which showed valuable insight to the way women view themselves in their culture. The research provided was compelling in the way it provided a holistic and graphic view of things that happen to women in that culture. The research gave its reader insight and knowledge of this culture that described the viewpoints of very independent Afghan women, and those women who take the beating and harassment from their male counterparts, and return the pain by inflicting it upon themselves. This research consumes the reader into the article to ensure their understanding of the events taking place in Afghanistan. The research provided was sufficient in the fact that it gave a temporary but influential voice to the Afghan women to tell their side of the story, to have a say in the way they live. The research was also lacking by the fact that there were no facts, there were no statistics, and it is easy to take in one side of the story without hearing the other. Garcia did not exercise his reporting abilities to ensure the voice of the women were heard as well as the men, and those women who live by their standards of life. Garcia provided only one side that had a say, making this article biased and prejudice. There were no opposing viewpoints or even statements from any male of any origin or culture. If we are to accept the author’s argument, there are questions that need to be asked and answered. Such as
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