Tragic Paris Essay

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In the epic Oedipus the King, Oedipus Rex suffers a major downfall because he does not believe that the gods are in control of his life. Oedipus has the qualities of a tragic hero, starting with him being noble of birth. In the epic, Oedipus was born into royalty, but was given up by his parents because of a horrid prophesy from the gods. Different parents then raised Oedipus, but they were still royalty. When he became king of his birth land, even though he grew up thinking he was not adopted, he thought that he could outrun the predictions of the gods. Just like Oedipus, Paris Hilton also possesses the attributes of a tragic hero in today’s society. In America our government does not include kings or queens. In a sense though, Hilton is noble because she is an heiress to a major hotel chain. Since this makes her qualify for the flaws of a tragic hero, Paris Hilton, like Oedipus Rex, obtains the characteristics of a tragic hero. Oedipus’s tragic flaw is that he thinks he can outrun the will of the gods. In that time period everyone knew what the gods said was the truth. Oedipus is stubborn in reckoning that he can outsmart the powers that can control his life. Hilton, like Oedipus, thinks that since she is an heiress, the laws do not obtain to her. Her downfall is that she is dumb, or that she was just confused about her ordeal. Hilton received a DUI for having a blood alcohol level of .08, which is above the legal limit. She got her license suspended from this incident. She made a mistake, one that many other people in America have been guilty of making. Oedipus also made mistakes because of his flaw. His stubbornness led him to conclude that he could outrun his plans set by the gods. Oedipus kept running away from his actual identity. Tragic flaws lead to mistakes, which later on lead to a major downfall. Oedipus finally saw that he
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