The Tragic Hero Hamlet

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Hamlet, which is written by William Shakespeare during the period of Renaissance in Europe, is the most representative work of Shakespeare. The character Hamlet is a typical tragic person with many combined roles in this play; his diverse roles reflect the truly side of the complicated society and the weakness of humanity. Shakespeare talks about some serious problem in the society, which even may happen nowadays in the life, he characterizes Hamlet as a tragic, melancholic, and intellectual role by using the details description and a lot of monologues to express characters’ mentalities, thus to express Shakespeare’s judgment of life and humanity. Hamlet is a tragic hero in the play, he is strong to face to many difficulties that happen suddenly in his life, which disappointed him and made him feel hopeless and sorrowful. When Hamlet meets his father’s ghost and knew that his vicious uncle murdered his father while he was sleeping, his grief and indignation was aroused by Claudius. He struggles with the revenge for his father, because he always hesitates to kill Claudius so that caused him miss the best time to revenge. Otherwise, Hamlet’s mother Gertrude married Claudius immediately after his father’s death, which is ironic. This marriage seems ridiculous, especially for Hamlet, he thinks his mother is incestuous. His father’s death makes him feel miserable, but the more sorrowful thing is that everyone seems like indifferent for the king’s death, and he is the only one who is suffering the pain of loose father. And the other sad thing is Hamlet and Ophelia’s love; they love each other truly in heart, but they can’t be together as the destiny. They are from very different class level, Hamlet is the prince of Denmark who owns royal blood in his body, but Ophelia is just an ordinary girl. Everyone opposes their love; especially Ophelia’s father Polonius, who

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