Tragic Events Of The Holocaust: Persecution And Slaughter

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Brittany Moore English 1010 Research paper 10/21/09 The holocaust was a bureaucratic, systematic persecution and slaughter of approximately six to seven million Jews. The tragic events begin in the year of 1933 and ended in 1945.Hitler had a terrible idea of Genocide, this idea consisted of the termination of anyone without blonde hair and blue eyes. These methods targeted Jewish communities, Gypsies, homosexuals, and non-supporters of Nazism. Hitler was a cruel leader who stole the freedom and prosperity from millions of innocent civilians. To fulfill these actions Hitler did so with the creation of concentration camps also known as death camps. These are designed for the preparation of mass killings. Within these treacherous environments, minorities were forced into segregation, hard inhumanity labor, and worst of…show more content…
There were approximately six different types of camps that were classified for specific reasons. One of these facilities was the camp of labor, where inmates had to perform hard physical task under inhumanity conditions. The conditions in these camps were horrible, slaves were beaten and starved for days at a time .The people were barely fed, slaves were given small meals that consisted of soup and a piece of bread which sometimes had to last for a week. The second type of camp is known as transit and collection camp. In these camps, inmates were inmates were collected and routed to main camps; these were solely used for a holding spot. Collection camps also maintained a series of poor conditions. The captives were forced to sleep inside wooden framed tomb like structure, which were extremely uncomfortable to rest in. Sleeping in these, conditions cause inmates to developed sores and sicknesses. The third camp is the P.O.W (prisoners of war) While held in this particular camp; prisoners endured torture
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