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Trafic Congestion - a Problem Essay

  • Submitted by: MadihaUmar
  • on November 12, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Trafic Congestion - a Problem" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Topic: Many cities in the world face serious traffic congestion on a daily basis. What are the consequences of this congestion, both social and economic, and what practical steps can authorities take to improve the situation.
Many cities around the world face traffic congestion on daily basis. These congestions bring many social and economic issues. Traffic congestion is a condition which happens due to too many vehicles on roads causing slower speed, long trip times and queuing. These congestions are having adverse effects on any individual personal life, his future and safety keeping him in stress. Here, the consequences of congestion are highlighted that affects both social and economic life of individuals and the community, with the proposed solutions to improve the situation.
The first thing people that people usually face is the delay when it comes to traffic jammed. The delay can be in case of reaching job, schools, and appointments resulting inanxiety and frustration at the start of the day having a very bad impact on the overall performance of the individual at job,appointment and school etc. Similarly, the people get exhausted on the way back to their homesbeing struck in the rush. Moreover, emergency services such as ambulances, rescue and law services are also very much affected. Not only this, traffic congestion also causes economic burden on individual and the society. Study shows that slow moving traffic causes more fuel consumption and emission to the atmosphere which is a big worry for every individual and the government.(MORGAN, Lee, 2013).
Traffic congestions can be dealt with the improved road infrastructure (grade separation, separate public transport lanes, and reversible lanes). City design and planning, schools opening and closing hours should be changed to avoid rush hour traffic, parking restriction on busy roads andgood traffic management system can make the situation better.
Raising awareness in individuals to use public...

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