Trafic Accidents in Vietnam Essay

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Nowadays, traffic accidents are a major element that causes great damages to the development of each country in the world. Thousands of people are killed by traffic accidents in Viet Nam each year. The first cause of traffic accidents is the poor road conditions. To begin with, the transport infrastructure inadequacy of transport infrastructure can be a cause that leads responsible for accidents. For example,not mention to mixed disordered traffic-status between all transport vehicles such as cars and bikes ,trucks and other primitive vehicles; drivers and pedestrians; railway and road and so very hard to improve overnight. All These things cause traffic conflicts about moving and can lead to terrible accidents. Continuously, narrow roads, building materials in confusion, especially “block houses” (bunkers) were have been erected during reparing roads, etc…are factors which cause the traffic jams and losing of driver’s sight. In addition, pot-holes as well as smooth, dirty and swampy road-surface when it rains make the circulation to become difficultly more difficult and as a result traffic accidents can be happened .With the poor road conditions and awareness of obeying traffic laws isare the most important primary causes of traffic accidents. Firstly, many people dive drive with lighting speed and cross carelessly too fast . It makes them can’t not control their ones' speed and haven’t not have ability to resolve situations promptly. Secondly, many people often use phone, listen to music or joke while they are driving. This will make to lose their attentions and they can’t concentrate on their driving.Moreover, in our country a lot of people drive without putting the safety-helmet, drive at opposite dirrection or drive wrong ways. All of things above are very dangerous for drives' lives them and maybe make them die. Finally, many people drive when they

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