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Each culture has its customs, values and traditions that is imperative and describes the personality of the human race. We as a human could not attain our goals without our traditions and culture; and or develop to become a better person. Most traditions vanished from time to time, and the new generations beliefs mostly based on scientific facts. But some of us still holds on and practice our beliefs and traditions. My family has the traditions of gesture "Pagmamano" or "Mano Po" that based on our origin country the Philippines. It comes from a Spanish word mano-po-lola"Mano" it means hand and "Po" is saying with a sign of respect. "Mano Po" is a gesture of showing respect to elders and also accepting the blessings. Mostly we used it before leaving or coming home. "Mano" also used when visiting a relative show respect. It is impolite when not performed when seeing for the first time in a day or gathering. There are still Filipinos practicing this gesture but mostly vanished when migrated in other countries and were not being practiced by the new generations. "Mano" gesture substituted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek; for it is because they embrace the new customs and beliefs. Another tradition in which my family that we are still practicing is hiding a small jar of rice, water and coins before moving into a new house. It is a form of ritual beliefs for good fortune and rice-glass-jar-9045033prosperous life. Also, after moving into a new house, we have shared this common practice, house warming party. Were we gather our closest friends and relatives for a feast with lots of food and drinks. Some of us even spend lots of money just to have the best house blessing like inviting a priest to hold a little mass before the dinner starts. Back in my country some people prepared lots of food that almost feed the whole village or a small town. Culture, traditions, and

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