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Traditions can be dangerous or beneficial describe one of each Traditions can be either harmful or beneficial to society. One tradition that comes to mind that is beneficial is Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day brings love and happiness to the focus of couples relationship. It is tradition that you give your Valentine chocolate and flowers to show you appreciate them. Couples sometimes forget to show each other how much they care, especially in this economy. Couples get so stressed and caught up in working and trying to pay the bills that they completely forget to be appreciative of each other. Valentine’s day is a day of remembering how much you love your other half. This tradition is very positive to the society by bringing people together in the name of love. It is not likely that couples get each other a gift every week or so, and a lot of times the only time they really can afford to give a gift is on holidays. More chocolate is sold on Valentine’s day than on any other day of the year. This tradition even boosts the economy! On the other hand a tradition that is harmful to society would be Mardi Gras in excess and how people abuse it. Fat Tuesday is a time of feasting before lent in respect to the life and death of Jesus Christ. People in America believe this gives them an excuse to drink excessively. Some of these people are even dumb enough to drive in the state of

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