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Traditional vs Modern Educational Schools Essay

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Below is an essay on "Traditional vs Modern Educational Schools" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Traditional Vs Services Marketing: Education Sector in India

[pic]   Tradtional School


Modern School   [pic]

Executive Summary:

This report is about the comparison between traditional and modern way of marketing of education as a service which has changed leaps and bounce since the independence of the country and especially after 1986 after NEP.

This report tells about the current education scenario in India where a brief about the changes that happened in Indian education system.   It gives an overall view about the education system that is currently going on India it also says about the traditional way of education that was carried on in India and how it has evolved.

It also contains the comparison between the actual marketing done traditionally and modern marketing of education which gives a complete 360 degree perspective to traditional way of marketing the education sector. It also has the analysis of the education sector as a whole where the opinions are also given.

It also contains the reasons of changes with respect to the four major characteristics of Services Marketing and also Marketing Mix, as what are changes that have affected the traditional way to turn to modern way of marketing to lead to a better and successful career for student and bright future of the Institution.

Executive Summary: 2
Introduction: 3
Current Scenario of Education: 5
Traditional Education Marketing VS Modern Education Marketing 6
Traditional Education Marketing: 6
Modern Education Marketing: 6
Reasons of Change in Education sector: 8
Changes in relation to Characteristics: 8
Intangibility: 8
Inseparability: 9
Variability: 9
Perishability: 10
Changes in relation to Marketing Mix: 10
Product: 10
Price: 11
Promotion: 11
Place: 11
People: 12
Process: 12
Physical Evidence: 12
Analysis of the Changes: 13
Analysis: 13
Conclusion: 14...

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