Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

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This is a never-ending debate of choosing which is best among traditional marketing and digital marketing. Both have advantages and disadvantages but when compared, Digital marketing reigns supreme. It has the capability to turn any small business into big business as just the correct use of marketing strategy is required. The major difference between small and big business is the area they cover for doing business. Small businesses can cover few cities or places, but a well established big company will do the business around the world. Explanation with an example is more understandable. Let’s just compare Amazon to local shops in the field of dresses. Local shop is a small business whereas Amazon is a big business covering the whole world.…show more content…
There were no alternatives to Digital marketing and that’s the reason people followed the practice of traditional marketing even though it’s costly. The money spent on TV channel ads roughly is enough to perform digital marketing for some time. In addition to this, ads reach to more people. There are loads of benefits with digital marketing over traditional. Easy to do marketing in new places: When the small business is generating profits at a healthy rate, you may want to open a new branch in other cities. Well, with traditional marketing you may get the results but more money should be invested. Everyone is having smartphones right now and it is easy for advertising and promoting your business anywhere you go. Invest in Facebook and Google ads mostly because these two giants are more than enough for small businesses for advertising. My view is not about criticizing small businesses but Google and Facebook have got millions of users. If marketing is done with a strategy, many leads will turn to customers and this helps small business to become big business. Analysis of progress gives Digital marketing an edge over Traditional…show more content…
More revenue can be generated: Strategy of marketing differs from each and every business. If one business is successful with a strategy then that may or may not suit for other businesses. The beauty of digital marketing is that you can analyze the statistics and can change or optimize according to the needs. This allows most of the businesses to set a working strategy after few failures of marketing. All these factors lead to businesses making huge profits. With more money, business can be expanded to other regions thus becoming a big business. Motivation factor: It takes time for a business to grow big. Amazon was started by selling books online and now it is a top company offering all kinds of products for buying online. From being accused of cheating on friends and stealing ideas to multi-billionaire product Facebook, the story of Mark itself tells you. There are many more cases to find motivation and the thing is to give time for business to develop. If you rush, business may improve or can cause a total downfall with losses. Following the suitable digital marketing strategy will get you one step closer for making your business

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