Traditional Generation: Major Events In The 1920's

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Sociology Final Traditional Generation: pre-1948 Major Events 1) Sinking of the Titanic a. April 14, 1912 b. The ‘unsinkable’ luxury cruise ship, RMS Titanic, hit an iceberg in the Atlantic Ocean and snapped in half. c. Of the 2,200 passengers, 1,517 people died during the wreck. d. 2) World War I Begins e. June 28, 1914 – June 28, 1919 f. War is declared throughout the world and there was a division of world by the Allied Forces and the Central Powers. g. A lasting economic and social effect on the countries involved, and establishes the major powers of the world. h. 3) The Great Depression i. October 29, 1929 j. The stock market crashed, putting America…show more content…
6) Nuts: an interjection of disappointment. Leisure Time: 1) In the 1920’s, teens liked to go out to parties and danced “scandalously” 2) The 1920’s teens also played a lot of golf like baseball and golf. 3) The 1930’s teens often played cards or attended church socials. Baby Boomers: 1946 – 1964 Major Events: 1) End of World War II a. September 8, 1951 b. President Harry Truman signs a peace treaty with japan, officially ending WWII. c. The end of WWII is important because it gave America the lead in becoming the world’s superpower. d. 2) Polio Vaccine e. April 12, 1995 f. Dr. Thomas Francis Junior announces the development of the polio vaccine to the world. g. The vaccine reduced the cases of polio from 300,000 to 280. h. 3) Rosa Parks i. December 1, 1955 j. Rosa Parks, an African American woman, refuses to give up her bus seat for white people. k. This sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement.…show more content…
3) Facebook i. February 2004 j. Social networking site, Facebook, is launched by Mark Zuckerberg. k. Facebook revolutionized the world of the internet and has garnered over 1 billion users and is a $100 billion business. l. 4) Hurricane Katrina m. August 25, 2005 n. A Category 3 storm hits the Gulf Coast of the US resulting in lots of damages and deaths. o. Hurricane Katrina was the deadliest and costliest Atlantic storm of the 2005 season and one of the most destructive is US history. Total damage is an estimated $108 billion, with over millions of people left homeless. p. 5) Barack Obama q. January 3, 2008 r. Barack Obama is sworn into presidency, becoming the 1st ever African American president in the US. s. Obama’s election marked a new age away from racism and discrimination. Just one generation after the Civil Rights Movement, an African American man has moved his way up into the White House. t. Folkways: 1) Music: Teen pop and dance pop grew tremendously in the 1990’s and 2000’s with rising artists such as Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and

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