Traditional Exercise vs Weight Loss Supplements

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Traditional Exercise vs. Weight Loss Supplements Isaias Felix Com/155 University Composition and Communications 1 June 17, 2013 Michele Armentrout Traditional Exercise vs. Weight Loss Supplements Whether you want to lose 10 or 100 pounds, traditional exercise for weight loss is a safer alternative to weight loss supplements. Recent studies have shown that most Americans are unhappy with their body size and feel the need to trim the extra fat. The ever increasing business in the weight loss industry proves that most people are looking for a way to take off the weight. Every day you see a new miracle pill on the shelf that promises to burn the fat and melt the pounds, but can it really be that easy? Do we no longer have to sweat and work hard to obtain the results you are looking for? There is big dilemma when it comes down to trying to pick the right option for you. When we examine traditional exercise versus weight loss supplements, we can all agree that the end result is the same – lose weight. Traditional exercise causes your body to respond in a way that burns fat and speeds up your metabolism. Weight loss supplements have ingredients in them that cause your body to react in a way that speeds up your metabolism and suppresses appetite. There are life style changes that have to be taken no matter which route you take. Traditional exercise takes time and commitment to ensure lasting results that can have a beneficial impact for a very long time. Weight loss supplements require you to make sacrifices that alter your diet and of course keep up with your pills in order to fulfill the promised results on the label. Although the end result of losing weight is what we are all aiming for, we must not forget the important elements and results that we will have to bear throughout our journey. We have all heard of the phrase “no pain no

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