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Traditional Australian Food Essay

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  • on March 21, 2011
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Traditional Australian Food

Australia has a wide range of traditional meals, which has been formed by the people who settled in the country and the indigenous and colonial societies.   The traditional Australians have a diet called flora and fauna, for example kangaroo, which was developed by the aboriginal, the first people known to locate in Australia. One of the most beautiful things about Australia is the coastline, which of course means there is plenty of seafood! Another traditional meal along with beef, cattle, sheep, and wheat, which were strongly influenced by the British and Irish, and as well as fast food which is a common meal for many Australians.

During the twenty-first century organic, isodynamic, kosher and halal food came about and a large interest in bush foods started growing. Due to the British traditions a different variety of meals were introduced. Roast dinners became a weekly meal in the typical household family along with Australian meat pies and fish and chips! Occasionally the nice outdoor barbeque, also known as a treasured national tradition, was a meal Australians could not say no to!

During 1788, indigenous Australians were forced to survive of native flora and fauna until the first fleet of Europeans arrived! This consists of animals such as kangaroo, wallaby and emu that were one of the most common types of meals to be eaten. Along with those animals, a lot of reptiles were also consumed as food, many of them being bogong moths, witchetty grubs, lizards and snaked. And of course there were the organic meals, such as bush barriers, fruits and honeys.

The development of modern Australian cuisine is a very important part in why we have our traditional meals today! The British ships that arrived at Sydney harbor in 1788 brought in a lot of European settlers that struggled to adapt to the native fauna food. They found many animals such as swans, goose, pigeons and fish that they used as a replacement to the foods they were...

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