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Anastasiya Burenkova The modern world lives during an era of global changes which scales grow day by day. It is the result of the scientific and technical progress of last century which captured all five continents. Globalization is directed on a universalization and the equation of culture, in a consequence of that of a tradition of indigenous people of many countries is subject to change or transformation. Tradition — it that does the person by a link in a chain of generations that expresses its stay in historical time, presence at "present" as the link connecting the past and the future. The national tradition is characteristic for each separate ethnos. The steady, stereotypic phenomena of those spheres of activity of the people, the nations…show more content…
Traditional Aboriginal art is composed of organic colors and materials, but modern artists often use synthetic paints when creating aboriginal styles. Aboriginal rock art has been created for a long period of time. Rock art gives us descriptive information about social activities, material culture, economy, environmental change, myth and religion. This is an Aboriginal way of showing recognition and wisdom-to be open to the environment. Bark painting is an Australian Aboriginal art form, involving painting on the interior of a strip of tree bark. Traditionally, bark paintings were produced for instructional and ceremonial purposes and were transient objects. Today, they are keenly sought after by collectors and public arts institutions. Bark paintings are based on sacred designs that include abstract patterns and designs that identify a clan. Sometimes the elements of a story are obvious - such as men or animals - but sometimes the elements are symbolic. Contemporary Indigenous Australian art is the modern art work produced by Indigenous Australians. It is generally regarded as beginning with a painting movement that started at Papunya. The movement spawned widespread interest across rural and remote Aboriginal Australia in creating art while the contemporary Indigenous art of a different nature also emerged in urban centers. Together they have become central to Australian art. The Process of globalization is connected with the western conduct of life, expansion of mass culture and type of

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