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Tradition is a belief that has been passed down from generation to generation with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past. Some time these are good but some time these become a cause o f many problems. Traditions can cause problems in families if someone may think different of how thing should be done that can brake tradition. Tradition should be broken. People should have their own choices. Families should love you no matter what you choice. In some tribes in Africa women must gain weight in order to find a mate. The women are locked up in a hut for one whole year until they are shown off as if they are a fancy car at auction. This is a tradition that degrades women. What happen to just falling in love with that person. Why make them go through all those changes just to be in a forced marriage. These women should have their own choice to fall in love or to have a career. What if a tradition calls for the youngest child to go out and shoot a deer, but the youngest child is a vegetarian and do not believe that animals should be eaten. Should that person be forced to turn their back on their believes for the sake of traditions? “I have too” or “It’s just spending time with the family” should not be what lowers people into breaking their own believe. People have choices. Traditions take away people’s right to choose. They force ways of living that were installed over hundreds of years ago. Since times has change so should traditions. There is no reason why people have to choose between who they are and what they family would want them to be. Family should love you unconditionally no matter what your choice

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