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MG 301 Trader Joe’s: Keeping a Cool Edge 1. I believe that out of all the managerial skills listed; the most important one is teamwork. With everyone working together, it makes everyone feel as though they are important to the company. Everyone is being heard and wants to work together at Trader Joe’s. The employees seemed to be appreciated at Trader Joe’s. Employees get many benefits and are paid higher than other stores similar to them. The employees are very important to Trader Joe’s and everyone is treated the same. The managers come from the company so they all have worked their way up. They know what it is like to be on the lower side. With this, their teamwork is better because the managers know what they are going through and can help them with concerns. 2. A big risk with a German company operating in America is…show more content…
A huge advantage that Trader Joe’s does is that they are a smaller store and limit the number of different products they carry. This makes Trader Joe’s able to sell their products at lower cost compared to their competitors. They also sell more because from the reading, it said that they sell more per square foot. A fall back on Trader Joe’s is their communication compared to other stores. I was reading an article on Food Babe, which brought up the question on if everything from Trader Joe’s is free of GMOs. Maybe they are not being truthful about it and that is why they do not do interviews and not a lot of commination with the public. Trader Joe’s does not have a third party regulating what is in their products so that could be a downfall for them. I am not sure if this is true, but I believe Trader Joe’s needs to start communicating better with their customers about thing especial what is in their foods. Many other stores are very public about things like advertisement. Ill be honest, I never heard of a Trader Joe’s until this class. I have heard of a Whole Foods but never shopped at either. Trader Joe’s needs to be more

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