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Trade Embargo with Cuba El Bloqueo, is the near total embargo the United States has with Cuba. This is a commercial, economic and financial embargo that was partially imposed on Cuba in October of 1960. This was imposed due to Cuba nationalizing properties of our citizens and corporations. On February 7, 1962 it was increased to a near total embargo. In this essay I will be describing the embargo, our reason for enforcing the embargo, whether or not the embargo is effective and if I agree with the embargo. In March of 1958 a U.S. arms embargo was put in action when rebels and the Fulgencio Batista regime broke out into an armed conflict with one another. In 1960 The United States lowered the import quota of brown sugar. This was under the Sugar Act of 1948. The Soviets countered this action by agreeing to buy the brown sugar instead. On February 8, 1963 President John F. Kennedy imposed travel restrictions following the Cuban Missile Crisis. This prevented U.S. citizens from traveling to Cuba. Over the years travel regulations to Cuba have lapsed and been reinstated. Currently there are no restrictions on travel to Cuba But, it is currently illegal to spend money or receive any form of gifts while in Cuba. Also on July 8, 1963 The Cuban Assets Control regulations were instated. With these restrictions Cuban assets within The United States had been frozen and already existing restrictions had been consolidated. Over the years there have been many additional regulations added and removed back and forth with this embargo. Still to this day Cuba is imposed with a near total embargo. One of the biggest points for a trade embargo with Cuba was to diminish the control of the Castro family in Cuba. The U.S. placed this embargo as a force of punishment for poor judgment and acts against the U.S. and our people. The American government was hopeful this would force

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