Trade and Globalization Essay

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Trade and Globalization As communication between people to people, countries to countries etc are drastically improving the chance for trade between them is increasing. Thus giving the companies for massive globalization opportunities. For example before information technology was as advanced the chance for an American call center to outsource their market to Bangladesh was close to impossible. But now-a-days after the opportunity has been present they reached out to Bangladesh for their services. Similarly the garments industry has also been benefitted by trade and globalization. Before garments factories of other countries weren’t so knowledgeable about Bangladesh’s business environment, situation, etc. But afterwards globalization has been reached Bangladesh’s garments have been greatly needed by foreign countries thus increasing foreign investment. These are some of the ways Bangladesh has personally benefitted from trade and globalization. Other countries such as China, Malaysia, nations in Europe also benefitted from Globalization. The easier the government allows trade to occur the better it is for the trading countries. For example, The China-ASEAN Free Trade Area benefitted greatly due to really low tariffs and trade barriers. The total amount of GDP in the free trade area reached nearly 6 trillion U.S. dollar, benefiting 1.9 billion people. It is the world’s largest free trade area composed of developing countries. Bangladesh is benefited from globalization. Because, for the globalization, Bangladesh can trade with other countries. For example, Bangladesh is self-dependent in crop production and USA, is self dependent in technology and electronics production. So, Bangladesh and USA can exchange their goods to each other. This trade is possible only for globalization. Bangladesh has driven her economic linearization much after the independence
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