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Tracey Emin Tracey Emin is a contraversial artist that continues to make headlines today. One of her most recent fiascos happened in June of 2008. In Folkestone, England, Emin stulpted bronze baby items and placed them all over the town. What is the significance of this, you might ask? It is a reflection on the number of high teenage pregnancies in Folkestone and the south-east. The sculptures, along with other sculptures from twenty two other artists, are part of the first Folkestone Triennial. It was created to draw more artists and people who love art to Folkestone. Every three years they will have the festival of contemporary art on display as well as permant public are outside. The goal is to make it a center for art of the highest caliber. Some of the sculptures Emin created are a mitten, baby bottle, shawl, bootie, and a teddy bear. "For me personally I find a lot of public sculptures very big and very macho and dominating and intrusive. I like little things in public. As I walked around all I kept seeing was lots of young girls with babies, it's like Margate and the whole of the south-east really. I was thinking how could I make something for them." Emin said. Tracey Emin was born in Croydon, London on July 3, 1963. She was brought up in Margate, a small British seaside town, and has a twin brother named Paul. Her father was a Turkish Cypriot. He never married her mother but split the time between them and his other family. He was an unsuccesful hotel owner, and Emin's standard of living wasn't very good when she was young, which she has depicted in a number of her works. Around the age of thirteen she was raped. At Medway College of Design Tracey Emin studdied fashion, and after that she went on to study printing at Maidstone Art College. At Medway she met Billy Childish, a poet/singer/guitarist/artist/photographer/film maker that is known for

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