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Trace Minerals Essay

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Trace Minerals

Minerals Function Deficiencies Toxicities Additional Information
Used for energy metabolism & enzyme activity.
Heme is better absorbed; nonheme iron absorption can be enhanced. Iron-containing hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood. Microcytic hypochromic anemia: fatigue, weakness, headaches, apathy, pallor, poor resistance to cold temperatures.
 Energy metabolism is impaired
 Neurotransmitter synthesis is altered
 Reduces work capacity and mental productivity
 Motivational problems
Pica Hemochromatosis Ferrous Iron- is reduced & has a net + charge of 2.
Ferric Iron- is oxidized & has a net + charge of 3
Hemosiderin- storage protein used when concentrations of iron are extremely high.
Storage: Ferritin, hemosiderin
Zinc Helps to make parts of DNA & RNA. Manu. Heme for hemoglobin. Assists in ess. Fatty acid metabolism. Release Vit. A from liver stores. Affects platelets in   bloodclotting & wound healing. Growth Retardation
Impaired immune response
Damage to CNS
Delayed sexual maturation
Hair loss, eye & skin lesions
Loss of appetite Phytates & fiber bind zinc & reduce absorption. Metallothionein is a special protein that holds zinc in storage. Transport: in the blood by albumin.
Iodide Essential component of the thyroid hormone that helps regulate metabolism.
Regulates growth, development, & metabolic rate, reproduction, growth, blood cell production, nerve & muscle function Goiter and cretinism
Selenium Inhibits formation of free radicals, part of proteins, glutathione peroxidase, regulate conversion of thyroid hormone to active form Keshan disease-predisposition to heart disease where cardiac tissue becomes fibrous Loss and brittleness of hair and nails, Skin rash, fatigue, irritability, Nervous system, disorders, Garlic breath odor
Provide protection against certain types of cancer
Copper Ass. w/ oxygen & oxidation. Absorption & use of iron in hemoglobin. Part of several...

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