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Trace Hunter Period 3 4-18-13 Vocabulary 1) I don't think I'd call such a (n) egregious grammatical mistake a minor "slip of the pen." 2) It will mean more to him to gain the approval of the few people who can appreciate his work than to receive the adulation of the crowd. 3) He holds forth in great detail on what is wrong with our city government, but the remedies he suggests are exceedingly nebulous. 4) Her mind, torpid as a result of hours of exposure to the bitter cold, was not alert enough to sense the impending danger. 5) Since he was a (n) novice at bridge, the three veteran players hoped to find someone more suitable to fill out their table. 6) Using the most up-to-date equipment, the firefighters worked tirelessly to resuscitate the victim of smoke inhalation.…show more content…
12) Does he use all those quotations as a means of clarifying his meaning, or simply as a(n) pretentious display of his learning 13) I was so irresolute about whether to go out for basketball or for swimming that I ended up going out for neither. 14) As her anger slowly abate (d), she realized that such childish outbursts of emotion would do nothing to help solve her problems. 15) I was impressed by the astute way our hostess guided the conversation away from topics that might be embarrassing to her guests. 16) Since I truly loathe people who think they are "above the common herd," any form of snobbery is absolutely anathema to me. 17) Although she tried to equivocate, we insisted on a simple "yes" or "no" answer. 18) When you are dilatory in returning a book to the library, you are preventing someone else from using it. 19) After giving us extremely detailed instructions for more than an hour, she briefly recapitulate(d) and then sent us out on our assignments. 20) How can you consider him culpable when the accident was caused by a landslide that no one could have foreseen or

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