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Tr-30 Edh Guidelines - Draft Essay

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1. Introduction
The use of electronic document submission and distribution is a key factor in improving the efficiency of TR30 and it's subcommittees operation.   The guidelines below, which have been adopted by TR-30, will insure that all meeting attendees have advance capability to review papers presented for meetings.   The basic principals are that documents are posted on the TIA-TR30 FTP sites and access to the FTP sites is available to all.   In this document, reference to TIA TR-30 meetings includes all subcommittees (TR-30.1, TR-30.2, TR-30.3 and TR-30.5) as well.
2. Specific Guidelines for Paper Submission
2.1 Date Requirements and Number of Copies Required
Contributions for TIA TR30 meetings should be uploaded to the FTP site one week prior to the start of the meeting.   Generally, for a Monday meeting start, papers should be submitted by end of day on the prior Monday.   If contributions are not uploaded to the ftp site, an electronic version shall be provided to the Chair of the committee prior to presentation of the contribution.   It is also a requirement that 5 paper copies of contributions be made available at the start of the meeting.
Reports from ad hoc groups chartered by the parent committee or liaisons from other subcommittees, meeting during the TR-30 meeting week, need only provide electronic copies of those reports or liaisons.
2.2 Format for Papers
The format for the paper should utilize the format provided by the Chair, which will be posted on the ftp site as file entitled tr30cover.doc or tr30.xcover.doc where x is the subcommittee number.
It is recommended that you turn off   “ Fast Save “ in Word and save just the basic document.   Using Fast Save can result in significantly larger file sizes and political embarrassment.
2.3 Obtaining a Document Number
Once you have come up with a title and abstract for your contribution, document numbers can be obtained from the committee Chair.
2.4 Upload format
Only a single format...

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