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The need for the Toyota Prius in the Lotus Rental Car Fleet Today’s economy is becoming increasingly difficult, not just for consumers but also for businesses and corporations. Today’s business owners need to be thinking about the economy and environment, if they do not they will struggle to compete and succeed; thus, the basis of why Lotus Rental Car Company needs to add the Toyota Prius to their fleet of rental cars. Consumers are not traveling and not spending as much as they once did. Consumers are fearful of what is to come in our economy; therefore, businesses need to focus on the needs of the consumers in order to alleviate some of their fears. Adding an alternative fueled vehicle to the Lotus Rental Car fleet will award consumers an opportunity to rent a car which will allow them to take a trip at a reduced fuel cost. In addition, having hybrid vehicles available for consumers to rent will allow consumers the opportunity to test drive a hybrid car at their leisure to discover if a hybrid will accommodate their needs. Lotus should explore all aspects of adding the Toyota Prius to their fleet before making the final decision. The pros and cons need to be addressed prior to adding any hybrid vehicle to the fleet. The Toyota Prius appears to be the ideal hybrid car for a rental car company to add to their fleet, because the Prius has no special fuel needs. In the following paragraphs the pros and cons will be addressed. Typically the Prius possesses more positives than negatives; however, each needs to be identified. The initial cost and possible repairs cost of the Prius can be substantial. In spite of vehicle prices and the cost of a mechanical specialist, Lotus Rental Cars should purchase alternative fuel vehicles to add to their fleet. Lotus would be making a wise financial decision in merging Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFV) into their rental inventory.

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