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Toyota Motor Corporation Toys for Big girls and Big boys Michelle Morgan February 11, 2014 Baker College Toyota Motor Corporation Toyota driven by one man’s looming determination The Reasoning behind Their Drive Toyota Motor Corporation is one of Japan’s largest automotive companies. They commit themselves to develop advance technologies and to provide excellent products and services that meet their customer needs worldwide. They pursue growth in harmony within the global community and work with business partners to achieve stable, long-term growth. Toyota is a for profit business, although in 2013 for the third year in a row, they donated 100 cars to non-profit organizations (just-auto July 16, 2013). Around the World in 50 years Toyota Motor Corporation has many manufacturing plants around the world. They are located in the following countries; Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Germany, France, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Philippines, Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, U.S.A and 16 Toyota owned factories in Japan. It started with one man’s Dream The Toyota Motor Company was started by the dreams of a single individual named Kiichiro Toyoda. There were many historical events that began in 1933(Business Insights: Global). * 1933 Kiichiro Toyoda visited several auto production plants in the U.S. * 1935 Toyoda established an automobile division within his father’s loom company. It is there he produced his first prototype vehicle. * 1937 On August 28 the Toyota Motor Company is established with an investment of $3.5 million. * 1951 They developed a more comprehensive line of vehicles to contribute to the motorization of Japan’s society. * 1961 They opened driving schools to expand their market. * 1970 Toyota became the fourth largest automaker in the world.

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