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Toyota In order to have a successful strategy for growth, businesses must first find, evaluate and select a strategy to capture a potential market. Since it entered to American car market in 1967, Toyota has developed a diverse business portfolio with its existing line of cars as well as brands such as Lexus and Scion. It became a successful car manufacturer by having an effective marketing process that allowed it to attract customers and expand its product range to other market segments. When Toyota and other Japanese carmakers entered the American market, they were not considered a threat to the American auto industry because it was believed their cars had no appeal to American consumers. However, in the 1970s, due to problems such as the 1973 Oil Embargo, environmental regulations, and quality control issues with American cars (Ford Pinto), a good number of American car owners began searching for alternatives to their gas guzzling, poorly made American cars. In response to these changes, Toyota and other Japanese carmakers aggressively marketed their cars to Americans as being fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, and having better build quality than American cars. In addition, Toyota marketed their cars as being hip and fun with memorable slogans like, “you asked for it, you got it, Toyota,” and with commercials involving young Toyota drivers jumping in the air. As a result, the Japanese’s marketing campaign along with continuing problems from the Big Three auto manufacturers, allowed import cars to make up about 20 percent of the US car market by 1980. After successfully gaining a sizable market share in the US, Toyota decided to create the Lexus brand in 1989 to target the luxury-car market segment, which was dominated by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. They decided to create a new brand because of their reputation at the time for being a company that only

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