Toy Store Case Study

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ickman Women Studies 200-003 9/26/14 Toy Store I decided to go to Wal-Mart and look at the different choices they had for boys and girls. The first thought that came into my mind when I saw the aisles was how segregated the toys were. The toys seemed to be together in pairs based on age and gender. Toys generally intended for children under four were placed towards the bottom of the shelves. The reason for this is due to the fact that children are smaller and this will allow children to choose their own toy and parent will be more willing to buy the toy for them. Also, I noticed that the each aisle focused on a more gender specific level. One section was meant for boys, while the other was meant for girls. On top of that, there are specific…show more content…
Women in developing countries go through a lot of difficult situations and HIV infections are one of the many situations. With that being said, in 2013, 38 million people had HIV infections (WHO). That means 36.1 million people have HIV in developing countries. This is a very serious issue for women in these developing countries. Also, children are affected by AIDS and become orphans due to losing parents to AIDS. Fifteen million children become orphans by AIDS in the world, and twelve million come from Sub-Saharan Africa (Seager 48). Also, whenever a woman who has HIV/AIDS becomes pregnant, the baby will acquire her mothers’ disease. Luckily, the United States and other western countries do not have an equivalent to non-western countries with HIV/AIDS. This disease is causing these developing countries to struggle due to the effects on HIV/AIDS. In Sub-Saharan Africa, 22.5 million people live with HIV/AIDS, which can take a toll on the women, but also on the economy of Sub-Saharan Africa in general. This country is really struggling to find a cure because this is becoming an epidemic. Right now, there are 19 different HIV candidate vaccines and they are all at different levels of testing in Europe (WHO). Testing has already begun for some of the vaccines in America, but has not yet been cleared as a…show more content…
The four characteristics I chose was being gay, being an African American, being a Buddhist, and also being married to a man. In today’s society, this would be a huge culture shock and a great representation of Intersectionality because this represents how one person can have so many stereotypes and being judge over all of their characteristics. For some Fraternities, race and sexuality is huge determiner if you receive a bid from a Fraternity. Some Fraternities view men’s sexualities in a very bad way. For example, two or three years ago, someone competed in Zeta Tau Alpha’s Big Man on Campus and he way gay. At the end of his performance, a couple Fraternities used some very offensive words towards him, which showed that they discriminate over a man’s sexuality. Also, Indiana State University has Fraternities specifically meant just for African Americans. This example illustrates how diverse our society still is

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