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Penn Foster Information Literacy Exam - #05000604 1. Which of the following is an article from a popular magazine? B. Lemonick, Michael D., David Bjerklie, Andrew Goldstein. “Keeper of the Stem Cells.” Time 27 Aug. 2001: 57. 2. Which article would be the most appropriate source to include a bibliography for a research paper on stem cells? D. Lovell-Badge, Robin. “The Future for Stem Cell Research.” Nature 414:6859 (11 Nov. 2001): 88. 3. Which of the following sets of call numbers is in the correct order? D. C201 .G37 1910 CA203 .P39 1992 CL207 .K256 1976 CR 209 .D97 1991 4. The Atlas of World Religions is a type of which of the following reference sources? C. Subject-specific atlas 5. Which of the following will probably contain the most objective data? A. A report with charts documenting hourly wage rates by occupational group 6. When searching in the library catalog to find information about teenaged girls who abuse alcohol, which of the following search statements would be most precise? A. (teenaged girls) AND (alcohol abuse) 7. You may safely consider the information in an Internet article reliable if it C. provides documented information. 8. The Boolean search connector OR is used for which of the following purposes? B. To broaden a search by including synonyms or related terms 9. In which part of Penn Foster’s student library would you look for different types of scholarly statistical data? D. Virtual Reference Room 10. A subject periodical index is a research tool that’s used to B. locate articles in professional publications. 11. In which part of the Career Center in the Penn Foster student library is there a link for the Occupational Outlook Handbook? C. General Resources 12. In your written research paper, to avoid plagiarism you must provide a citation for which of the following? D.

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