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VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker 6-12 Months Infants are active seekers of knowledge that continusly and actively seek out information in terms of development, and different environments. While our minds require several learning skills to improve the way we learn, theses learning skills are Physical, Cognitive, and Perceptual skills. The Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is a developmental toy designed by Vtech. Essentially the toy is a Learning activity walker that keeps your child’s mobility on track, and is recommended for ages six to twelve months. The Sit-to Stand Learning Walker will take your growing child from baby steps to big steps. Additionally, the walker has an easy to remove panel for floor – level interaction, which can also be taken to play dates and family gatherings. The walker toy comes with Learning and Musical activities on the panel. Activities include Melody Songs, five piano keys that play musical notes. The toy is also equipped with three shape sorters and light-up shape buttons. Also, features a telephone handset, spinning gears, and an open/close barn door to play hide- and- seek with the friendly cow. One major milestone a child, within the age range of six to twelve months, is a child standing up, and grasping for the walker by oneself. Standing up and grasping on the walker can have a profound effect on the child because it changes the child’s perspective. A child that can stand up no longer relies solely on the stimuli in front of them but rather they can now engage with items at different eye levels. The dominant cognitive structures are behavioral schemes/patterns of action that evolve as infants begin to coordinate sensory input by seeing and mouthing and object, and motor responses of grasping it (Sigelman & Rider, 2011). It is also an important milestone because it denotes a certain gaining of skills in a complex manner,
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