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The best guidelines for selecting toys are almost the same with every website I looked at. Toys that can be used in a variety of ways are always good. These kind of toys are called “Open-ended". Toys like legos and blocks. They allow a child's imagination by allowing the child to build roads and houses however they wanted. and help them develop problem-solving by letting them figure out how the legos and blocks fit together. Look for toys that will grow with a child. This would be dolls, cars, and a lot of the open-ended toys that allows a child to play with them no matter the age. Look for toys that can be fun at different stages. Toys like this won't be abandoned in two days. Select toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving. Puzzles fit in this area. There is such pride when they get the puzzle together that they take it apart just to do it again. A chance to figure something out on their own—or with a little help from the adults—build their thinking skills and help them become better problem-solvers. Look for toys that the child can use as they develop and acts out stories. Give a child the chance to play with toys that look like the real thing. Play phones, dishes, play food, dress-up clothes fit this description. It helps with their imagination, also helps children problem-solve and develop fine motor skills. Toss in some "reading" toys. Toys like take-out menus, catalogues or magazines are fun for a child to play with and also build the familiarity with letters. Seek out toys that encourage the child to be active. These might include Tricycles, balls, and jump ropes. These kind of toys help the child practice current physical skills and develop new

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