Toxic Work Environment

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Toxic work environments are on the rise in our country today because of the lack of motivation and positive moral when it comes to upper management. It is important to recognize the warning signs of a toxic work environment. You should first realize that your environment is not a reflection of who you actually are. The decline in self esteem and motivation can hinder on anyone. Your work can certainly be affected, as well as your attitude. Moral tends to decline and there may seem like there is nothing else to do but quit. Just remember even when you encounter the tear downs from management, gossip, office politics, passive aggressive leadership, and the negativity, that is not who you are and there are ways to deal with the situation. There are many different ways to cope with a toxic work environment. You should know that you cannot control what others do and say, you can only control yourself. Try placing uplifting music or even quotes in your work area. Surround yourself with what make you happy and focus on those outlets when things begin to turn negative. Remind yourself what your purpose is there and do it well. Once you have accepted that; the better your mental health will be and it will become easier to work with upper management in business. So to become an ideal businessman one will need to obtain the necessary education and skills to be successful to ensure their environment is not toxic. Understanding your work environment is a key component to success, so having a background in psychology, sociology and business would benefit any leader. However, by being in this type of environment you will learn what not to do which will lead to you conducting yourself with integrity to do the job you were hired to do. Work diligently and focus on the task at hand. Figure our new ways to motivate your staff. Reward your staff often and let them know they
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