Toxic Culture In a Schools Enviroment Essay

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A school’s culture is something that is very hard to define but at the same time it is the most important part of the school. Defining a schools culture can be the backbone to having a successful or failing outlook in educating its students and parents. Many different aspects can affect a schools culture for example finances, resources, economic, disciplinary problems, students upbringing and administrators just to name a few. Each and every school is looked at different, whether the views come from testing, sports, issue from within or reputations these schools can be labeled or known for their culture. Most schools because of there so called reputations can be labeled and because of these labels can severely affect the school. Students, faculty, administrators, parents, and the community can affect the school because of their views. Whether it is negative or positive their views in the end can determine the outlook of how the school preforms. If administrators and staff could work together and push for a more positive outlook they can influence the parents and community to help as well. Step by step having a positive outlook and passing it down can start the process in having a positive culture in the school. I feel that one element of a toxic school is when the students are views as the problem rather than as valued students. It was stated from Pasi, Raymond J. Principal Leadership, December, 2001 that “Research shows quite clearly that schools perceived as being positive, safe, and nurturing environments focused on student learning do better than schools that lack this climate, regardless of say available technology, teacher training and other more obvious factors. This is not to say that a school with no textbooks will outperform one with textbooks based solely on environment, but that the learning environment, culture, and climate produced by the school

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