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Towards An Improved Business Impact Analysis

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An emergency room in a hospital environment is basically an apartment meant to urgently cater for the resuscitation of patients rushed to the hospital. These patients are likely to drop dead if unattended to within the next fewest minutes. All apartments are simply important to make Business Impact in a private hospital where profit matters for sustenance. In the shortage of funds to cater for all the needs as a whole, there is a need to perhaps prioritize the procurements that will enable the maximum utilization of emergency room. As the name implies in some hospital that refers to emergency room as ‘Accident and casualty department’, the options lie on embarking on what brings to the minimum – the casualty counts per patient on visit. Every hospital must have a primary role in resuscitating patients brought on emergency before attempt at transfer to any other hospital for specialist treatment. Regulations with enlightenment on the primary “ABC method resuscitation” must be constantly on seminar topics for update to enhance efficiency. The following are in order of importance;
The Operating Theatre: Operating theatre is so much important and must be easily accessible with no obstruction or whatsoever that can delay proceedings. Surgery wares and equipment must be readily on ground and their easy accessibility must not be negotiated. The operating team of surgeons is equally needed to be constantly motivated to always deliver there best, and do report on every case extensively for inter-doctor learning to improve on skills which may be necessary to save the next patient.
Emergency Room Mobility and accessibility: Besides the fact that emergency rooms are advised to be situated very close to the hospital gate, it is important to note that the road from the entrance needs to be free of any hazardous object of unnecessary protocol that can delay accessibility or complicate matters.
The Pharmacy Shop: Emergency rooms must have a self-sustained...

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