Tourism Marketing Essay

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Home Singles Topics Other Youth Articles Forum Testimonies/Prayer request Books/Video Upcoming events Magazine Q&A Feedback/Contact Donate • He took off my underwear! • My uncle had sex with me! SINGLES TOPICS • Single, Saved & Sexual • Games Singles Play..are you a player? HE TOOK OFF MY UNDERWEAR!.....(a must read for all single girls) “Rita, remember the daughter of who you are, be a good girl and ensure you are closer to God, don’t join bad gangs, face your studies and do your best to come out with a first class grade” those were the words my dad dropped into my hearing as I was leaving for the university. Life on campus was exciting, interesting and challenging at the same time. It wasn’t long before I joined a fellowship due to my Christian background from home. I wasn’t too committed in the fellowship as I struggled to strike a balance between my social, spiritual life and academics. I was not used to going to night parties because of my parents’ strict upbringing, although I had always wanted to be like other girls who sneaked out of the house to attend night parties on the pretence that they were going to study at a friends’ place or attend youth vigils when I was in secondary school. One day Sandra my roommate, a computer science student in her 2nd year invited me for a night party, at first I told her I could not go because I was afraid of what could happen there, that wasn’t the first time she was inviting me anyway and I had always turned her invitation down, but this time around I really did not have an excuse because it was just the first week of resumption of the second semester and no serious work had started. As I was still contemplating whether to go or not, her boyfriend Stanley came in with a friend named Steve. Stanley greeted us and introduced
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