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Tittle of the Essay Tourism in Puerto Rico Our beautiful Island of Puerto Rico has an outstanding tourism. It has different interesting places, but the most visited is San Juan. Tourist visit Puerto Rico throughout the whole year. The like to visit it because this Island doesn’t have changing weather; it’s always hot. San Juan is the most visited, because it has the history of Puerto Rico, historic monuments and beautiful beaches. Here they can stay in the hotels of San Juan that are thrilled to give a good service. If the tourist is hungry there’s allot of good places to eat, including our great Puerto Rican flavor. The old San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. Also is where the most tourists go to. The Morro is one of the places more visited, because it has a beautiful view, where you can spend time with the family. There you can fly kites, besides the appreciation of the hill and his history. The fort is the place where the governor and his family live. Another important part of San Juan is the port where boats arrive (cruise). It's the most visited and it is near some restaurants and hotels. Old San Juan is extensive in its locality, its beauty and history. If you go to Puerto Rico don't forget go to visit the Capital and its beautiful beaches. When it comes to hotels in Puerto Rico, San Juan has a great variety of places so that the people may have a good time. La Concha Resort is located is on a breathtaking corner of the Caribbean beachfront in Condado, San Juan’s most elegant district. It’s near Old San Juan which makes it easy to the tourist to sightseeing. Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino is a four star hotel located near the center of San Juan and near Puerto Rico Convention Center. The hotel has five hundred and three comfortable guestrooms, a restaurant and a cafeteria. There’s an outdoor swimming pool, a spa, a casino and if you
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