Tourism In Astrakhan Region Essay

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Tourism in Astrakhan region. Due to the unique geographical situation, exotic nature and rich history Astrakhan region has great potentianalities for the development of different tourism branches. Know all over the world Volga River Delta, which is divided into 800 estuaries at the Caspian Sea, makes wonderful conditions for the best in Russia hunting and fishing types of tourism. Exclusively in our region lucky fisherman is able to catch a 2,5 meters long European Wels or Sezan weighiting more than 20 kg.There are dozens of resorts and floating hotels equipped for the civilized rest, both river and sea trips and diving available for tourists. The Astrakhan region has been the main seat of Russia's fish-procession for over 400 years. It was royal fish supplier even in Ivan the Terrible's times. The Tsar's banquets were gorgeous with Astrakhan sturgeon, caviar and sterlet soup. The Volga River is one more unique place in the region. It is home to an immense treasure of flora and fauna. In the Volga delta are found beavers, raccoons, herons, muskrats, foxes and other, not to mention different species of fish, including the famous sturgeon. This is the only area where the sturgeon may be found in any numbers. Caviar-raw eggs of the sturgeon - is a major commodity for local consumption and export. Astrakhan today. Today's Astrakhan is the Caspian fishing capital, with mammoth spring and autumn catches of sturgeon and Volga herring. Farms have been established in the estuary to replenish the fish population with small fry. Nature is very generous with Astrakhan region. The Volga and Akhtuba Rivers with major arms of Buzan, Bakhtemir, Bolda, Kamyzyak, the Old Volga from a vast territory of the Volga-Akhtuba floodlands with numerous lakes. The Volga River delta has dozens of islands covered with forests, bushes, cane, many small lakes overgrown with

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