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Tourism and Poverty Reduction in the South Pacific Essay

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Tourism and Poverty Reduction in the South Pacific

Regina Scheyvens & Matt Russell


August 2009

This report has been funded by NZAID’s International Development Research Fund, for a research project on: Sharing the Riches of Tourism: Exploring How Tourism Can Contribute More Effectively to Poverty Alleviation in the Pacific


List of Tables Executive Summary 1. Introduction & context 1.1 Tourism and development: a global picture 1.2 The importance of tourism in the South Pacific 1.3 Recent tourism activity 1.4 The economic impacts of tourism 1.5 The scale and composition of South Pacific tourism 2. Spreading the benefits of tourism to reach the poor 2.1 Dependency or development? 2.2 Measuring poverty alleviation 2.3 Developing backward linkages 2.4 Is small beautiful in the tourism sector? 2.5 Reaching the poorest 3. Land tenure & tourism 3.1 Developing tourism under different land tenure systems 3.2 Ensuring fair benefits to customary landowners 27 29 14 14 17 20 24 1 2 3 7 9 iv v

4. Maintaining a viable and competitive product in the face of internal and external threats 4.1 Environmental vulnerability 4.2 Global economic downturn 4.3 Political instability 5. Regional framework 5.1 South Pacific Tourism Organisation 5.2 Governments 5.3 Private Sector 46 49 52 33 35 39

Summary References

56 59


List of Tables

Table 1: Tourism and Population Comparisons Table 2: Growth Trends in South Pacific Tourism – 1999-2008 Table 3: Economic Impacts of Tourism Table 4: Estimated Employment Generating Potential of Tourism, 2004-2008

3 6 8 9


Executive Summary

This report examines tourism and its contribution to poverty alleviation in the Pacific, focusing mainly on what existing literature can tell us about the nature and scope of tourism in the region and its contribution to development, constraints to tourism, and the roles of key institutions in the region which encourage...

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