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PASSENGER NAME RECORD (PNR) Passenger Name Record is a record of each passenger’s travel requirements which contains all information necessary to enable reservations to be processed and controlled by the booking and participating airlines. In creating the PNR, there are mandatory elements that needs to be include. These are: SS | Segment Element | NM | Name Element | AP | Contact Element | RF | Reference Element | TK | Ticketing Element | NAME ELEMENT A passenger name consists of the family name, given name, and title. You can enter up to nine names in a PNR. A name can contain up to 60 characters. The acceptable titles are: TITLE | EXPLANATION | ADDITIONAL INFO | MR or MS | 12 years or older | | MSTR or MIST | 2 up to 11 years | CHD | INF | Below 2 years | INF | Single Family Name Element To create a single family name element, enter NM1ZUÑIGA/REGINA MS NM Name element transaction code 1 Number of passengers with the same family code, occupying seats ZUÑIGA/REGINA MS Passengers family name, given name separated by a slash, and title Here are some examples of different possible name element entries: ENTRY | REQUESTS | NM2ZUÑIGA/JOHANN MR/REGINA MS | More than one passenger with the same family name | NM1ZUÑIGA/JADE REGINAR MSTR(CHD) | Child name | NM1ZUÑIGA/REGINA MS(INF/CAREN ROSE) | Infant associated to an adult with the same family name | NM1ZUÑIGA/REGINA MS(INFBALAGTAS/CARYLLE) | Infant associated to an adult with a different family name | NM1ZUÑIGA/JAE RENAR MS(IDPTA218) | Adult name with passenger ID code | NM1ZUÑIGA/RAYANNA MIST(CHD) (IDRTT143) | Child name with passenger ID code | CONTACT ELEMENT In giving the contact, enter APMNL CTHRM TOURS AND TRAVEL 7151426 REJ-A AP Contact transaction code MNL City code CTHRM TOURS AND

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