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The fact that most tourism related multi-cultural economies are fast becoming service economy models is well established now. Consider the instance of USA it is noted that 77 percent of its gross national product (GNP) and 80 percent of its workforce comes from the service sector (Sizoo et. al 2005). Similar is the case in other industrialized nations of Western Europe, Canada and Japan (Malhotra et al 2005). In the process of globalization it becomes vital from a commercial as well social perspective to understand - how should we deal with employees from diverse background? If we aim to boost a society of knowledge–grounded skills, which values learning and looks forward to be of service to others, we need to be aware of cultural sensitivities and avoid embarrassing situations which can cause both commercial and public harm. For the purpose of this presentation commercial interest within hospitality service context will be considered. My presentation aims to highlight the significance of managing cross- cultural encounters and how to maximize benefits from such encounters. Cross-cultural Issues in Tourism Management and Hospitality Management: Growth in the service industry globally has imposed dealings between employees from diverse cultures. As culture relates to norms, values and customs of employees it generates attitude diversification. This results in difference in expectations during service encounters as clients, employees or suppliers. Hotels and other sectors of hospitality industry are faced with challenges of cross-cultural service encounters and continuously need to assess their service performance against the expectation of their clients, employees and suppliers from a diverse background. Such encounters might become easier to deal with if individuals are brought up in a home environment which encourages learning about others and providing

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