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Tourism in a LEDC : advantages and disadvantages Tourism in a LEDC can have different problems associated with it. Tourism is often seen by governments in LEDCs as a vital source of income which can be used for development. Countries that are rich in physical resources - such as warm climates, beautiful beaches and scenery, rare ecosystems, and abundant plant and animal life - are often sought-after holiday destinations by people from MEDCs. Holiday tour operators and business developers invest in these locations, hoping they will become as popular as European resorts. Tourism: pros and cons Places such as Kenya in East Africa, where tourists go on safari or Bali in Indonesia, which people visit for the beautiful beaches, all benefit financially from tourism. However, tourism in LEDCs needs to be carefully managed to prevent harm to the environment or local communities. The advantages and disadvantages that might effect an LEDC are shown below. |Advantages |Problems | |Foreign currency brought to the region by tourists can be invested |Profits go to foreign companies, such as tour operators and hotel chains, | |improving local education, health and other services. |rather than to the local community. | |Jobs for local people are created from tourism giving people the chance to |Foreign companies may bring foreign workers to do the skilled jobs, so local| |learn new skills in tourism services. |people only do low-skilled, poorly-paid work. | |Construction of new houses and business premises creates jobs and develops |House prices are pushed up when foreign companies and investors buy property|

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