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2.0 TOURIST TYPES AND BEHAVIOURS 2.1 TYPES OF TOURIST Tourists can be segmented based on the demographics such as income, age, occupation and geographic location. Lately they are classified based on psychographic conditions as done by Dr.Stanley C. Plog (Mcintosh & Goeldner, 1990). Psychocentric, allocentric and mid-centric forming the main types of tourist based on their interest patterns. Lancaster County As shown in the case study by Hovinen.G.R, Lancaster’s tourist in 1980’s visitor’s survey were 55 % 40 years or age, 66.5 had received higher education and 59.5% earned $20,000 or more. Most of these tourists are in middle income bracket and they are considered to be Mid-Centrics (Mcintosh & Goeldner, 1990). More recent survey in 1992 showed similar statistics with 60% of the tourist in middle income category and thus Mid-Centrics. Barbados Barbados has two types of visitors, the stay over tourists who spend over night in hotel or other accommodation who account for around 55% of the total tourist and the cruise ship tourists accounts for the rest (Barbados Tourism, 2005). Around 45% of the tourists are from Europe and 25% from USA. Around 83% are in the age group 15-64. Most of these tourists are in search of an exotic place to relax and have fun. 2.2 MOTIVATION Motivation of tourism can be physical motivators, cultural motivators, interpersonal motivators, status and prestige motivators. Lancaster County The primary motive for most of the visitors to Lancaster country is cultural motives. A close second for visitors is the natural resources in the country. Some of the visitors are motivated to relax and fun. Lancaster County’s close proximity to major markets also plays a part in motivating the tourist. Barbados Holiday, health and recreation are purpose of visit for majority of the tourist for Barbados (Barbados statistical

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