Tourettes Syndrome Essay

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Vulnerability of Veterans with Tourette’s Syndrome Tourette's syndrome is a common disorder formally known as Gilles de la Torette Syndrome (TS). It is usually associated with other mental disabilities. "Tourette's syndrome is characterized by motor and vocal tics associated with self- injurious behaviors and other psychiatric manifestations that affect social and professional life" (Houeto et al., 2005, p. 992). TS can be detrimental to the patient and his/her family. It impacts the patients physically, emotionally, socially, and professional life. Tourette's syndrome is more common than we think. Involuntary movement from TS typically begins between the ages of 3-8 affecting the face and head. This disorder can range from simply blinking more than normal to verbalizing or performing sexually inappropriate behavior. Severity of motor (involuntary movement) and phonic (involulntary noise) abnormalities usually peak early with a reduction of symptoms noticed around age 20 for most people, but severe cases may start in adulthood (Leckman, 2002). Tourette's syndrome is associated with a variety of other mental health disorders including depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other anxiety disorders. TS are more common in males than females at a ratio of 4 to 1 and more common in Caucasian than African American or Hispanics (Enwefa, 2006). Currently there is no official number of people with TS, but it is estimated that about 100,000 Americans have it (Crews, 2000). There is no known cause of TS, but researcher's have focused on the possibility of chemical imbalance causing abnormal neurotransmission of brain signals (Kozarek, 1992). My personal experience was with a 60 something year old Caucasian American male patient with Coprolalia Tourette's syndrome. Coprolalia TS are the repetitive
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