Tourette Syndrome Chapter 14: The Possessed

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The Possessed Many people in the world take their well being for granted, especially when it comes to their brain. The brain controls every action in the body and half the time we do not even realize it. The only way we realize we actually have a brain is when there is a problem with it. One of these problems is the Tourette syndrome. This condition is a neurological disorder described by repetitive, involuntary movements and yelling called tics. Only a small number of the population has this condition, but even a smaller number of them have something called “super-Tourettes.” This is an extreme case of Tourettes in which every characteristic of Tourettes is highly over exaggerated. The chapter I was assigned was Chapter 14, The Possessed. The story is started off by a reference to the previous chapter, Chapter 10, on Tourettes syndrome. The author then goes on to explain that the syndrome may in fact “possess” the person who has it even if it were for only a couple of seconds or even minutes. The first Touretter was Ray, which he saw on the streets in New York. It was tics and convulsions of perception, imagination, and a whole change in the personality. The best place for observing a disease, as said by the author, would be the…show more content…
The author did not know whether she was having a fit or a convulsion. The closer he got to her and her absurd actions he realized that she was imitating everyone that walked by her. The accuracy of her mimics towards these people was frightening. Not even mimes could imitate people this good. She did not only mime one or two people, she was miming about fifty people in a second or two. The lady lost her own personality and was left with fifty other personalities that changed every second or so. Later the author went on to study Tourette patients, but his best patient had to have been this “super-Touretter” found on the

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